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This website, sponsored by God’s Love Ministry, is about and devoted to something so revolutionary that those who embraced it were once described in the Bible as having turned the world upside down ( Acts 17:6). This earth-shaking, life-transforming power was more than just love. In the English language the word “love” is used to describe many different things.
However, The Greek language, in which most of the New Testament was originally written, has a number of different words that describe different types of love. That power, which could not be ignored, that once shook the world, was a type of love that was called agape, which may be translated, God’s Love.

About God’s love

In the light of God’s love much of human love is exposed for what it truly is – selfishness. God did not describe His love to us merely in words because such love is beyond words to describe. He sent someone in living colors, who like Himself, was, is and remains forever, the epitome of love – His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. The moment of glory when this light of love shone brightest was when Jesus hung naked on a cross, dying the most shameful death that was reserved for the worst of criminals.

You may ask, what was glorious about that? Well, that is what we hope to show you – a love that will die for his enemies. Nay! More! Would you go to hell for somebody you love? Or rather, would you go to hell for someone who hated you to the point that that person would kill you? This is just a glimpse of the type of love that we are talking about. You will start to see that this is something on a completely different plane from anything that we are accustomed to. This is not something that is of an earthly nature. This is Heavenly. This is agape – God’ love at work.

And yet, as strange as it may seem, this is the only hope for humanity. The problems of humanity are numerous. Wars, poverty, disease, suffering and unhappiness, you name it. How can agape – God’ love make a difference to all of these?

Thank You!!

Thank you for joining us as we navigate the path to something far more sublime than anything else this world has to offer.

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