Government to Educate, Facilitate and Lubricate

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RIGHTEOUSNESS IN CIVIL GOVERNMENT: Government to Educate, Facilitate and Lubricate

Those who see the ill effects of the redistribution approach to government should seek to educate the people to the inevitable failure of such an approach, notwithstanding its appeal. They should show themselves as being actuated by a different philosophy that is more rooted in equality and sustainable moral principle that allows for the natural link between reward/acquisition and effort, creativity, discipline, ingenuity and initiative. Principles are greater than people. It is not who the individual is are but what the individual stands for that determines your success ultimately.

Success as a nation is based on the focus and philosophy of government rather than on specific plans. The unseen hand that develops the economy based on the continued input and creativity of the members of the society will either be encouraged or discouraged depending on whether the focus of government is to regulate, regulate, regulate or to facilitate, facilitate, facilitate! Both philosophies are poles apart.

At the very root of many societal problems is the tendency of governments to use the law as a tool of social engineering, to shape society according to the mind and will of a few. Such an approach will inevitably produce nothing better than that to which many societies have become accustomed – crime, low productivity and economic stagnation or otherwise, oppression, if government were minded to be forceful.


Government, in a society of equals, should be seen as an administrative unit set up by the people to administer matters of common interest to them. Among these common interests are security from undue interference by others, a system of adjudication to help in the resolution of disputes between neighbours, a common road network to facilitate ease of movement, garbage collection and disposal system to facilitate common protection from public health risks, fire service and other service-oriented facilities from which all may benefit. It then becomes not only a duty, but, also a sense of honour for the citizens to pay their taxes which are really their contribution towards the provision of the common services which they enjoy. Governments should not go around borrowing money to finance ambitious projects of their own devising and then pressuring the people to pay it back. They are not supposed to pursue their own private agendas or partisan interests or to rule as kings and gods over the people. Government should function as a lubricant to facilitate the smooth and harmonious interaction of the component parts of the society, namely the free citizens.