Gyles PhotoWarmest welcome! Hi, I am Colin Gyles. For years, I have been a contributor to one of the Caribbean’s leading newspapers. This site is an extension of those contributions and more. Above all roles, I strive to be as God intended.

All in the name of Love – God’s love. That’s what my ministry is all about!

This website is established on the underlying premise and belief that there is an objective reality or truth concerning the universe, its inhabitants and its history. I will declare at the very outset that I am a PhD scientist by training who, like Sir Isaac Newton, notwithstanding one’s fundamental scientific interest, have a deep interest in religion and have written more on religion than even on science.

Like Albert Einstein (and Newton) I totally reject the notion that this well ordered universe came about by random chance, as Einstein said “Well, a priori, one should expect a chaotic world which cannot be grasped by the mind in any way” and that “There lies the weakness of positivists and professional atheists” – The Evolution of Physics by Albert Einstein and Leopold Infeld (Foreword by Walter Isaacson), 1938, Simon and Schuster – Touchstone, NY.

The process of determining and establishing the truth is like fitting up a jigsaw puzzle. The very first step is to have an idea of what the overall picture looks like.

No less important, one needs to be assured that the correct puzzle pieces are present or at minimum, can be found. One of the greatest hazards is to have extraneous puzzle pieces that do not belong to the picture being mixed up with the bona fide pieces. The potential for confusion increases the more extra pieces are there and the more closely they resemble the genuine pieces, especially if they are placed there specifically for the purpose of misleading. With this thought in mind, one can better appreciate the need to clear away clutter or spurious ideas as one seeks to establish the truth. On this note we can introduce our first article, “The nature of Divine Revelation”. This article looks at the mechanism by which the puzzle pieces of truth are revealed.

With love,

Colin A. Gyles